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We bring Auto Repair into the 21st Century
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With well over 35,000 Pictures and 130 Videos

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Mercedes 722.6 Cut-Away ZF Transmisssions

When rebuilding transmissions, we restore to “factory-new” condition,
or better - as we also fix design flaws.

We specialize in European Automatic Transmissions, such as:
Audi (ZF and CVT), BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover / Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Volvo

We are the only shop to successfully rebuild Audi CVT transmissons - since June 2009.

... and we also rebuild the easier ones: all US Domestic and Asian makes.

We also offer various other repairs (Engine, Diesel, Tune-Up, Brakes, Steering, Suspension, A/C),
and a full Body Shop for Collision Repairs and Restorations.

GearBox Fault Dashboard Signal Coolant Low Dashboard Signal
Transmission Failsafe Mode Dashboard Signal


Transmission Fault Dashboard Signal
Restricted Performance Dashboard Signal

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