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Web Site Relaunch for 2012 - Status as of early May 2012

At this point, we offer a small part of the available content we built in the last 5 years for your information.

The Web Design Company, LiamKeiranCooper Ltd, continues to work hard to complete the in-depth presentation of Automatic Transmission Repairs for the complete re-launch of - the largest automotive repair website on the Internet - sometime by the second Quarter of 2012.

Every day new sections are added on - you can follow the progress with the “Complete-O-Meter” on the left!

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Transition Notice - Dallas Facility

20 MAY 2011

Reality Lease CO ("RLC"), a Delaware Corporation, the sole owner of the domain, name, and brand "", all associated digital properties and  online presences, and leasing provider of on-site computer equipment and software to support both online and local operations, makes this announcement regarding the DALLAS facility:

Mr. Fred Charles “Freddie” Free, sole proprietor doing business as "Freddie's Transmissions", has closed his business located at 11607 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75229. Mr. Fred C. Free, who previously had run his business for 15 years on Samuell Boulevard in Dallas, had been licensed since October 2006 to use the label "" and benefit from the revenue generated online for his business. With the closure of  his business, this license is hereby revoked. The computer equipment  leased by RLC to Mr. Fred C. Free has been retrieved, and RLC's rights  to the customer database and customer repair history records under the  lease agreement have been executed.

RLC has now granted a  license for the Dallas / Fort Worth market to ADEPT Investments LLC,  operating a repair shop at 2305 Southwell Road, Dallas TX 75229, to do business as " - Dallas". As part of this license, ADEPT  Investments LLC has been provided with the necessary computing equipment, and also given access to the customer database and history  records in the Dallas market - with the commitment to honor and fulfill all valid warranties previously issued by Mr. Fred C. Free's  "Freddie's Transmissions" under the label.

ADEPT  Investments LLC dba " - Dallas" will soon be contacting  former customers of "Freddie's Transmissions" directly to inform them of the license and marketing transition, and invite them to  visit their new shop in Dallas.

We wish our new partner ADEPT Investments LLC the best of success, and thank Freddie Free and his  staff for the cooperation in creating a new level of automotive repair  transparency
, inspiring and helping us to invent
Repair Blogging (TM/SM), creating the largest automotive repair website on the Internet with over 35,000 documentation pictures (over 25,000 of those in over 700 public customer Repair Blogs), and YouTube videos viewed 640,000 times as of the transition date.

Reality Lease Co (RLC)
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Automotive Division
T: (302) 887-9181 - Wilmington, DE
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