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Audi CVT Transmission Rebuilds

We are the ONLY company to successfully rebuild Audi CVT’s - since 2009

Principle - Video - Repair Examples - Detail Pictures

We used to have to replace the units (as seen in these examples 2002 Audi A4 and 2002 Audi A6, both paid for by a Warranty Company, in the past) with ~$7,000 Audi factory CVT units, until the parts necessary to rebuild them finally became available by 2009.

Since we rebuild CVT’s as much as we rebuild ZF and Mercedes Automatic Transmissions (and all others, of course).and we are the ONLY shop to successfully rebuild Audi CVT Transmissions!

CVT Principle:

The CVT is a one-speed transmission with a belt running over cone-shaped planetary gears, which allow the engine to run at optimal RPMs, for best emissions and mileage performance - and a smooth, shiftless ride. The manual 7-gear shift mode is completely a computer-generated simulation for the driver, generated in the vehicle’s electronic control systems:

CVT Principle

From our YouTube Channel: Audi CVT Cut-Model

CVT Transmission as a Cut-Out Model - on display at University Park Audi on Lemmon Ave in Dallas


We documented a few of the Audi CVT Rebuilds in the Repair Blog (TM/SM):


Detail Pictures:

CVT Chain with Gears
CVT Chain Guide
CVT CHain Pins with Cylindrical Weld
CVT TCM Transmission Control Module
CVT Valvebody with Oil Pump
Audi CVT has no Torque Converter

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