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We believe in Transparency and up-front information.

Most people, who experience a transmission problem, have a steep learning curve to overcome, in order to find the best repair at the most reasonable price. Calling around for the best price by going through the Yellow pages and online searches does not provide an “apple-to-apple” comparison - and many customers have heard of bad practices in the transmission business to lure a client in with a low price promise, only to get the car “off the ground” and then not release it unless at least a few hundred dollars are spent - in many cases, the initial low cost turns into a costly repair, often of questionable quality - who really knows what was done and what not?

We believe in up-front diagnostic and pricing:

we will pull a Transmission Specialist off the rebuild bench - one of those who actually tears down and rebuilds transmissions - to diagnose and test drive your car. These specialists can quickly determine, if it is in fact the transmission failing, or instead an outside component (torque converter, controller, shifter, engine performance, etc), and what kind of repairs are required.

Based on this information, we can give you an accurate estimate, so you know up-front, how much it will really cost in the end - no surprises, and a decent basis for you to make a decision. We will guarantee this estimate as well. And until you make your decision to authorize the repair, or drive your car home and sleep over it, you are under no obligation - and the Specialist Road test is at no charge!

Transmission Specialist at the Bench

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