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Everything you always wanted to know about Automatic Transmission Repairs

in Dallas, Texas - and soon also in Los Angeles / CA, Portland / OR, Memphis / TN, Chicago / IL, and other domestic and int’l locations

The Repair Blog (TM/SM)

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The Repair Blog (TM/SM)

The Original Blog     Los Angeles    Portland     Dallas      Memphis     Chicago

We invented the ultimate solution in Auto Repair Transparency:
The Repair Blog (TM/SM)

  • in-depth picture documentation from intake (condition, mileage, VIN identification) through diagnostics (pan, magnet filter - or other damages) and the repair / rebuild to conclusion.
  • close to 1,000 Repair Blogs (referenced throughout the website, most are public) with examples and proof of expertise - since 2007
  • You find the Repair Blog for each shop under LOCATIONS
    and the original Repair Blog (with 845 albums) here

A Sample Repair Blog from the Dallas, Texas, Location:

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Repair Blog Sample Version

Of course, not every single repair is documented in this great detail. Out of approximately 20,000 Repair Orders completed in the last 20 years, about 1,000 have been documented since 2006, resulting in over 35,000 individual pictures and 130 videos so far (and these numbers continue to grow).

If you request it (or we decide to document a repair to enhance our documentation), we start the Repair Blog, and add pictures to it, as the repairs progress. We will send you the direct link to the Repair Blog, and you receive automatic updates when new pictures are added (a feature provided through Google Photos / Picasa). These pictures will stay around, so you can reference the repair later when you sell your vehicle, want to refer us, or use the information and pictures in your facebook presence, include it in a blog or discussion forum, etc ...


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