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The standard call to the Customer Service Desk often begins with:
How much for a transmission repair / rebuild in my (XYZ-model) car?

This approach to shopping for the best price often sets the customer up to go to the shop first, which promises a really low price - but when the car is in the air, the pan removed, it then turns out there is more to do, and suddenly it is the highest quote of all - but, to go away from the shop, you will have to spend several hundred dollars (new filter, pan, fluid, charge for diagnostics, possibly tow fees) - are you going to “waste” this expense or proceed with the repair and end up paying a premium? (a classic example)

This is why we believe in intrusion-free diagnostic at no charge (Free Road Test and Free E-Diag)
and in Up-Front Pricing (which we will also guarantee).

If we have a chance to look at your car and perform initial diagnostics (at no obligation to you) we can give you an up-front quote, so you can make a decision without pressure, and without being “locked in” to a diagnostic expense.

This is also why we built this website with over 35,000 Repair Blog (TM/SM) documentation pictures and 100 Videos on our YouTube Channel for you:

  • to demonstrate our expertise before you authorize repairs on your vehicle
  • to show you the diagnostic results once we take the transmission apart, and give you the confidence everything you paid for was actually completed

Where else do you get this kind of automotive repair transparency?

We can tell you beforehand what the necessary cost of the repair is - and guarantee the quote!

There may be some incidentals, such as Rear Main Seal, Flex Joints, Exhaust hangers, etc - thus the extra pages explaining those on this web site.

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